What people are saying about Fedoroff’s Roast Pork:

I’m a South Philly ex-pat, living in NYC for the past 13 years. When I go back to Philly I can honestly say that it’s not the cheesesteaks I miss—it’s the roast pork sandwiches. Namely, the ones with sharp provolone and broccoli rabe and/or long hots.

Fedoroff’s maybe the best roast pork sandwich I’ve had. Everything is perfect—from the juicy pork & the amount of cheese, to the perfectly cooked long hots & broccoli rabe. (Sometimes even the better places in Philly have bitter greens. Not Fedoroff’s. Their greens are nice & garlicy.) Oh & the bread! The seeded roll is perfect too! Not too hard but not at all airy either. Totally Philly.

I will be back to Fedoroff’s again & again. But I am also angry at them b/c I always dreamed of opening a South Philly-style sandwich shop in NYC. But I’ll never make a roast pork sandwich as good as Fedoroff’s!

Matt P., Brooklyn, NY

Can a sandwich be life changing?  This roast pork sandwich stand at the 54th Street fair in midtown had my office going ba-na-nas over the juicy, garlicy, rosemary and herb infused pork that is nestled inside this gorgeous tasting sandwich dressed with broccoli rabe, hot roasted peppers, huge cloves of garlic, melted provolone cheese and a generous sesame seed hero.  Some of us went down twice. Yes, you heard me….twice. They were there from 11 to 5 and if the smokers in our office can go down for a break to have a cigarette without me judging their addiction, then, gosh-darnit—don’t judge mine.

Jenny M., Brooklyn, NY

Awesome roast pork sandwich. If you are familiar with Philly food, you know that the roast pork sandwich has been quickly overtaking the sacred Philly cheesesteak. It is about time NYC is getting some roast pork sandwiches! Fedoroff’s makes an absolutely delicious sandwich. I like their little addition of an Italian long hot pepper, but I preferred mine without it. Definitely a must try if you’ve never had a roast pork sandwich from Philly. I hope they open up a shop somewhere ASAP, because waiting for the weekends at smorgasburg is just not enough.

Zac V., Jersey City, NJ

Seriously the best food in all of  Smorgasburg! The pork is so juicy and the greens on top make my mouth sing with joy. Then on top is a slightly spicy roasted pepper. Seriously this is made with love. Talking to the owner this has been his dream to feed people his amazing sandwich and I can see why. It’s amazing!!!

Make sure this juicy sandwich is your first stop when you hit the food stands!

Winner of Yummiest Food in all of Smorgasburg!!!

Run to get this sandwich ASAP you will love it too!!!

Jason G., New York, NY

OMG!!! This sandwich is the best roast pork sandwich I’ve ever had! It’s super juicy, flavorful, and I love how the broccoli rabe and roasted peppers balance out all the flavors. If you love roast pork sandwiches, you must have this one!!! It’s the king of Smorgasburg!

Tom C., New York, NY

This roast pork sandwich with garlic and rosemary is the best I’ve ever had, and I’m from Philly. Pork, gravy, melted provolone…it’s a religious experience.

Stephanie F., Philadelphia, PA